My favorite DC Bookstore is opening a branch store in the Union Market district! What a great way to spread literary love around the city!


Over the past few years, Politics and Prose has taken steps to bring more books, authors, and events to the Washington area, enhancing the city’s reputation as a literary hub. As part of that effort, they’ve announced their latest venture—a new branch store, which will open in the Union Market district in northeast D.C. in the fall of 2017.

Many of you may be familiar with efforts underway in recent years to revitalize that historic D.C. neighborhood, once a hub for food distribution throughout the city. The revived indoor food market there already has turned into a booming success, and now P&P will join a number of other retailers in populating a row of soon-to-be-renovated warehouses located next to the market.

The new P&P branch will be smaller than P&P’s main store on Connecticut Avenue, NW but big enough to carry a wide range of books and non-book items. Additionally, with a presence in Union Market, P&P will be well-positioned to host author events in the area, creating a new, metro-accessible destination for people interested in meeting writers, enjoying books, and engaging in conversation. A number of author talks will be held in an event space attached to the new store, while larger ticketed events will take place in the Dock 5 Warehouse venue and elsewhere in Union Market. P&P also will be exploring the possibility of classes, workshops, and children’s activities in the neighborhood.

This initiative comes at a time when P&P is busier than ever. The owners are grateful for the continued support from their book-loving customers and remain committed to finding new ways to serve the broader Washington community.

Many thanks to Brad and Lissa!


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